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How can business support charities and NGOs’ vital work during and post COVID-19?
23rd April 2020, 4.30pm-5.30pm GMT. Charities, globally, are at the forefront of supporting the vulnerable. Now more than ever their work is critical and the needs are increasing every day. With charities heavily reliant on public and private sector funding, their survival and continued impact is at risk. How can businesses, small and large, help them continue their work during and post-crisis?
Kamel Hothi
Kamel Hothi

Dr Kamel Hothi OBE is the Non-Executive Director of TLC Lions, a group of ordinary people who are striving to…

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Eric Berseth

Eric co-founded Philanthropy Advisors (PA) in 2012, after working in humanitarian emergency settings for 7 years with the International Committee…

Ignacio Packer, CEO, International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)
Ignacio Packer

Ignacio has been the Executive Director of ICVA since January 2018. ICVA is the global consortium of Humanitarian NGOs promoting…

Michelle Gayer
Michelle Gayer

With MSF she worked in various conflict-affected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa over 1999-2002, including as Country Director. Her several roles…