Business Advocacy for Justice Reform

29th September 2020, 4pm-6.30pm BST.

In Partnership with Responsible Business Initiative For Justice

Criminal justice is increasingly recognised as one of the most important social issues facing the world. Racial inequality, cycles of poverty and incarceration, and bringing exonerees back into mainstream society are issues we need to address to create a fair and productive society. 


Businesses have a voice and the ability to petition stakeholders, change-makers and government to make meaningful change. 


Partnering with Responsible Initiative for Justice, we spoke to justice-engaged business leaders as well as formerly incarcerated people, to discuss the challenges and solutions for reform. 




Human Rights & Justice


Living Stories


ali-steve-video, criminal-justice-event, Speakers
Co-Founder & Co-Principal, BPure Sounds
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
Global Director of Communication, Publicis Sapient and Justice Reform Activist
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
Ethical Campaigns Specialist, Lush
North America
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
Co-Director, Outreach & Partnership Development, Fair Sentence
North America
Ambassadors, Celia-Video-1, criminal-justice-event, jamira-celia-video, Speakers
CEO, Responsible Business Initiative for Justice
criminal-justice-event, MB100 2019
Head of Global Activism Strategy, Ben & Jerry's
North America
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
MD, Co-Head of Global Philanthropy & Head of Policy & Research, JPMorgan Chase
North America
criminal-justice-event, jamira-celia-video, Speakers
Strategic Initiatives Lead - Worldwide Education, Apple
North America
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
Chairman, Witness to Innocence
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
CEO, Flikshop
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
Group Advocacy Director, Virgin
criminal-justice-event, How can a purpose-led business hold itself to account?, Speakers
Chief Responsibility Officer, Televerde
criminal-justice-event, Speakers
Managing Director, Clean Slate Initiative




How can businesses engage in an impactful way? Where should they put their resources to best use? How can they demonstrate a sincere commitment? To answer these questions, the Responsible Business Initiative for Justice has produced an 8-Step Toolkit, a practical guide on how your business can move beyond corporate statements and create meaningful and lasting change.


Learn how to:
1. Use your voice
2. Use your leverage
3. Build an inclusive workforce
4. Innovate with your product and service
5. Use your investment and power
6. Inspire and lead
7. Learn
8. Donate


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