Manuel Ntumba
Co-Founder, Tod’Aérs – Transparent Organisation for Aeronautics and Space Research

Manuel Ntumba is Regional Partnership Manager for Africa at United Nations’ Space Generation Advisory Council (UN SGAC) – United Nations Programme on Space Applications. He is also Co-Founder of Tod’Aérs – Transparent Organisation for Aeronautics and Space Research, a multinational organisation promoting Global Sustainable Development through Research in Geospatial and Space Studies – in support to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Manuel recently launched the Mandela Satellite Initiative (MandelaSat Initiative), which brings together entrepreneurs, experts and researchers from around the world, especially from the global geospatial and space industries to collaborate on small satellites missions for developing countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America and the Caribbean. 

This initiative aims to support the United Nations efforts on space applications in developing countries. Manuel Ntumba also met with the Minister of communication and the Government Spokesperson of Togo, Prof. Akodah Ayewouadan, to discuss potential space capabilities and potential applications of satellite technologies in Togo and other African Countries.

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